Tamara Herman

Tamara spent her childhood in Begrade and Skoplje with her parents and her twin brother. She finished 4th grade in Skoplje where she learned Macedonian language and customs. Her brother, Igor Ginzberg and Tamara graduated from First Gymnasium in Belgrade, Moše Pijade. Due to her brother's musical talent, Tamara attended music school and learned to play piano. She also went for private French language lessons with an old Russion lady. Graduate from Faculty of Sciences in Belgrade, at the department for Biology and at the same time had her first child, Vlada. Job offer prompted her family to move to San Jose.  Studied at San Jose State which was followed by a 25 years long tenure at Syntex/Syva as a chemist. Last eight years she has been working as a science and math teacher at a couple of local schools. 

Her biggest treasures are her grand children Sarah (10) and David (8), children from her son Vlada and his wife. They live in Los Gatos. Her daughter Deborah is a great chef. She lives in New York and is married to a Montenegrin. 

Dragoslav Grbović 

Born in Belgrade in 1979. He finished elementary school in Zemun and electrical engineering high school "Nikola Tesla" in Belgrade. He graduated with B.S. in physics from Ramapo College of New Jersey and went on to obtain a Ph.D. in applied physics from the University of Tennessee. He is now  a faculty at Physics Department of Naval Postgraduate School. Dragoslav is a teaches Sunday School religious classes to our youngest group (3 to 6 year old).

Slađana Nikolić 

Born in Tuzla in 1980. She has been living in the United States sinc 2009. She is a mother of two, 5 year old Milica and 3 year old Milos. She works as medical assistant at the Urgent Center at the Pediatric department since 2014. Graduated from High School in Zvornik and Community College for Bussines in Bijeljina. She got a certificate for medical assistant from Unitek College in 2014. 

Aleksandra Nagulic-Vukadin

Born in 1989 in Krusevac. She comes from a family of teachers and educators. She graduated with a degree in pedagogy from the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade and finished her master studies also in pedagogy at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Nis. She worked as a pedagogue (specialist in education) in a preschool and elementary school simultaneously before she came to the USA. She is interested in child development and believes in the philosophy of J. A. Comenius, F. Froebel and M. Montessori.  Currently she is serving as the Superintendent of the school.

Jelena Pešić 

Jelena is a professional elementary school teacher. She graduated with teaching credentials at the Pedagogic Academy in Negotin, Serbia. She has 18 years of combined international teaching experience. She loves to work with children. "Dete nije dete igračka za strine i tete, dete je dete da ga volite i razumete." -Ljubivoje Ršumović

Bisera Rakićević-More 

Bisera graduated with MBA in International Management from MIIS. She has over 18 years of professional business experience in program management, business development and marketing working in educational and high-tech industries both in Europe and in the United States. Her interests are teaching, parenting, foreign languages, traveling, piano playing and reading. In our school she is teching Serbian language  and literature.

Maja Grabovac

Maja has been closely involved with our school for over five years. Maja started as one of the peformers in the puppet theatre, and then moved one to other task.Maja is very passionate about giving children an opportunity to expand their knowledge and proficiency in Serbian Language and to learn about Serbian culture. Maja has a M.Sc. degree in Computre Science from the Univeristy of Novi Sad. She worked for 6 years teaching students at the University of Novi Sad, before moving on to software engineering industry.

Dawnell Vuko Lewis

Born in San Francisco and raised in Saratoga.  Her parents were original members of St. Archangel Michael.  Dawnell has been a professional person for 37 years, owning with her husband their own business for 33 years. Dawnell teaches Christmas and Easter Arts and Crafts and with the children decorate our social hall for the last several years.  She graduated Saratoga High School and graduated with honors from UCLA with a BA in Art Design. 

Radomirka Beba Petrović

In her long tenure at our school has taught "Butterfly" group  as well as Kolo dancing for children 7 and older. Beba was born in Sarajevo but from 1992-1998 she lived in Hamburg, Germany where she studied German language.After that she moved to Campbell, CA  where  she started a home kindergarten. Beba enjoys spending time with children . She likes traveling, music and dancing. One of the most important things for Beba is to preserve our culture, religion and language.

Alexandra Lisonek

Alexandra teaches Religion at the St. Sava School for children ages 4-7. Alexandra was born in New York and attended Sunday School throughout her childhood at the St. Sava Cathedral in New York City. She graduated with a BA in Eastern European Regional Studies from Barnard College in 2013. She wishes to pass on her learning to the younger generation and is excited to use a hands-on learning approach to teach students about their Serbian Orthodox religion, heritage, and history. 


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