Peace from God - Christ is Born!

...Today a Savior has been born to you, He is Christ the Lord (Luke 2:11). 

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

On This joyous day of Nativity of our Lord, let us remember that God out of His great love for mankind sent His only begotten Son to redeem us from sins and misfortune. He is calling upon us also to remember those who are in need, and especially to remember His Church and her sacred mission.

With prayerful wishes that the God-Child Christ will grant everyone a better and more prosperous New Year than the one past, we invoke upon all of you His blessings and His love, greeting you on this Feast Day with the most joyous Christmas greeting:


Yours in Christ,

Fr. Slobodan Jovic

Calendar OF DIVINE SERVICES for MONTH OF January 2021

богослужбени Календар за јануар 2021

Jan. 3 Sunday Divine Liturgy 10 AM
Jan. 6 Christmas Eve- Badnji Dan Blessing of Yule Log Badnjak ​ Divine Liturgy 8 AM Vespers - Vecernje 6 PM
Jan. 7Nativity of our Lord - Rozdestvo Divine Liturgy 10 AM
Jan. 8Synaxis of the Holy Theotokos Divine Liturgy 8 AM
Jan. 9 St. Stephen – Sv. Stefan Divine Liturgy 8 AM
Jan.10SundayDivine Liturgy 10 AM
Jan. 14St. Basil the Great – Sv. Vasilije Veliki Divine Liturgy 8 AM
Jan. 17SundayDivine Liturgy 10 AM
Jan. 18Holy Cross Day–Krstovdan (Lenten Day) Divine Liturgy 8 AM
Jan. 19Epiphany - BogojavljenjeDivine Liturgy 8 AM
Jan. 20St. John the Baptist - JovanjdanDivine Liturgy 8 AM
Jan. 24Sunday​​Divine Liturgy 10 AM
Jan. 27St. Sava – Sveti SavaDivine Liturgy 8 AM
Jan. 31Sunday​​Divine Liturgy 10 AM