Religious Classes

Religious classes are for children and are offered at diffent levels depending on the age, every Sunday from 10AM to 11AM. 

 This school year we will be instructing our students in Bible stories, implementing it with animated videos in Serbian and English. There also will be reading passages of Holy Scripture and explanations. Teachers Ljiljana Bjegović, Kosta Kostić, Dragoslav Grbović, Pedja Jović and Dragica Kostić will work with the children throughout the year.

We are offering 3 levels at this time:

Level 1 (ages 3-6)

Level 2 (ages 7 - 11)

Level 3 (ages 12 - 16)


Serbian Language and Culture

These classes are for children and are offered at different levels depending on the age, every Sunday fro 11AM to 12PM. 

We are offering 5 levels at this time:

Kids Club Bubamara accepts kids from 2-4 years of age.Their teacher is Sladjana Nikolić.
The program for this group is made to accommodate kids in the beginning of their language development. Around this age they are very curios, and they are establishing their first friendships. The classes will consist of free play and structured program.

Leptirići are for children 4 to 6 years old. The lead teacher is Aleksandra Nagulić Vukadin with help from Tamara Radovic, our former student. Children learn to read and write printed letters from Serbian Cyrillic alphabet. Teachers are also playing Serbian children songs, and reading Serbian stories. This all with the goal of developing a solid Serbian vocabulary. 

Baloni - 6-9 years - are taugth by teacher Jelena Pesić with help from our ex student Lora Beribaka. Younger students learn printed Serbian  Cirillic letters whereas older ones learn Cyrillic script.They read stories and poems from the Bukvar, learn simple grammar, do dictates and play educational and fun games. 

Zmajevi - 9-11 years - taught by our vetarn teacher Bisera Rakićević More with help from Tamara Herman. They do writing exercises where themes are from everyday life. Trough active participation and interactive tests they learn more complicated grammar. This program includes Serbian literature and culture as well as some dramatic play. 

Zvezde are the oldest group for children from 12 to 16 years of age. The teacher Nada Miljkovic will introduces students to the Serbian language and cultural heritage. It is design to establish foundation understanding, speaking, listening and reading by using basic vocabulary and grammar structures common to everyday situations. Cultural material will be introduced with video and/or internet presentations and students may be asked to present on a particular topic of interest.




Christmas Eve

School is preparing presents and helping organize Christmas Eve celebration with Saint Nicholas.

Saint Sava Celebration

Every year, the school children will prepare a original program for the annual Saint Sava Celebration at the end of January.

End of School Celebration

School will organize the end of school celebration when all children will be invited to show what they have learned.


The Event Organizer, Boba Miladinović, helps children express themselves through storytelling, singing and dancing to make our holiday celebrations more meaningful.



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