Congratulations! The Eighth Annual Sarma Fest 2016 was another success! 

Thank you to Alicia Davidovich, Liljana Davidovich, Alexandra Davidovich, Marlene Swanson, Zora Kabich, Rada Molnar, Mary Bogdanovich, Peggy Milosevic who set the tables, which could not have happened without "A Few Good Men" who quickly in record time set the hall! They included Mark Hill, Chris Milosevic, John Radanovich, Bill Davidovich, Ted Miljevich and Mike Vrcelj! 

I would like to thank Dragana Rajkovic, Tanja Vrcelj, Popadija Jovic, Milena Bukarica ,Nenad and Stana Nikolic, for their professional kitchen operations. Nenad and Stanica Nikolic continue to make world-class Sarmas! They selected quality meats that Nenad personally ground twice in our church kitchen meat grinder. They worked tirelessly for many hours so that we can enjoy the wonderful dinner. Also, a "shout-out" to Rada Krtolica and her sister Beba, who came out Friday to help make the sarma! Without this team's dedication, we would not have been able to serve the quantity of Sarma's needed to feed our large, record-setting crowd! 

Tanja Vrcelj, Milena Bukarica, Marlene Swanson, Protinica Jovic, stepped in to help the kitchen crew serve the double line buffet. Mary Bogdanovich and Zora Kabich made sure you all had your tickets before we served you. We did not have to wait very long to get our delicious sarma dinner. Well done team! 

Mark Hill ran the ticket sales and reservations this year. Gabby Hill stepped in to help dad Mark sell tickets at the door. Natasha Hill sold Austrian Crystal "Got Sarma?" Hats. 

Also, thank you to Natasha Hill, Alexandra Davidovich, Jasmina Fisher who sold *raffle tickets for the Nordstrom $100 Gift Certificate (Donated by Bill Davidovich Family), $100 Macy's Gift Certificate (donated by Mike Vrcelj), three bottles of Dante Robere Estate Wine, (donated by Vera and Mark Hill!) As our tradition, Protinica Bunjevic auctioned off her famous Dobos Torta. It cost Bill Davidovich $300! * By the way, we heard your comment that we may have missed some folks who wanted to buy raffle tickets and should have asked "one-final round". Duly noted, thanks for the feedback. 

Our beloved band SRMA was back to perform! They did not name their band after "Sarma Fest". "SRMA" means the silver embellishments inside the traditional Serbian costume. It's an old word, adapted to a new band, SRMA! 

I also want to thank Micha and Mirko, our favorite bartenders for helping us sell drinks that evening! 

Bill Davidovich, I enjoyed reading "You know You are Serbian" with you this year! As you said, "Rakija cures all illness, celebrates all occasions and is most likely a great massage lotion". 

While proceeds from donations are still being collected, we can announce that gross proceeds will exceed $11,000, which is a RECORD. Thank you for your generous donations and for coming to this event! 

If I have forgotten anyone, I sincerely apologize. As you can see, it takes a village to run Sarma Fest! See you at Sarma Fest 2017! 

Ziveli! Vera Djordjevic-Hill & Mark Hill