As America faces this unprecedented global Coronavirus, Covid-19, and committed to providing guidance during this crisis and fulfilling our common duty to ensure the safety of everyone, we are providing this update to our clergy.

 Bishop Maxim sends special coronavirus message April 8, 2020

A person can never stand still at any point. Every spiritual attainment is the beginning of a new journey. Life is one continuous progress. And when you attain to knowledge and virtue, you have to leave, to go beyond these attainments. You cannot get drunk if you do not drink wine. You cannot catch fire if you do not approach the fire and become wholly incandescent. The presence of the Spirit, "who neither begins nor ceases," is evident in the expression of the face. It is the whole psychosomatic substance of man, full of an awe born of gratitude and timidity before the inexplicable condescension of God who becomes man. It suffers. "And through suffering, what is mortal puts on the majesty of incorruption." (Elder Vasileios of Iveron)

by Elder Vasileios of Iveron